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JAY-Z gets ROBBED at the 60th Grammys


Jay-Z went home from the Grammys empty-handed, even though he was the most-nominated artist of the night. Arguably the greatest rapper to have ever lived left Sunday night’s show with no grammys after receiving eight nominations for his album “4:44.” The 48-year-old rapper couldn’t get past the tough competition despite being the most nominated artists of the night.

Many believe Grammy voters went with popularity instead of impact. 444 album will probably go down as Jay-Z most impactful and influential album of Mr. Carter career. He layed out everything on this album. It wasn’t as popular or trendy as the other albums but it was the most important album.

Fans go on social media after Jay-Z getting snubbed at 60th Grammys.

This is the list of the people who had the most nominations that didn’t bring home a grammy.

JAY-Z didn’t completely lose this weekend. He received the music icon award from the academy on Saturday.

At the end of the day though Jay-Z still has 21 Grammys.

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