Never Forget About Trayvon Martin

Six years ago on this date, Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by George Zimmerman who was acquitted of all charges related to the killing.

Trayvon was walking home with a pack of Skittles and Arizona Ice Tea in Sanford, Florida. Trayvon was only 17 years old.

George Zimmerman said he looked suspicious because it was dark outside and he was wearing a hoodie walking down the street. Usually when it’s dark outside it’s also so cold which means you would put a hoodie over your head for more heat but you would think George Zimmerman and the judge would have common sense.

In court it was pretty much George Zimmerman words versus Trayvon Martin words but the only thing is Trayvon Martin was shot by a coward so the court never had the chance to hear Trayvon side of the story. I don’t think it would have matter anyway because it seems like in America they only want black people to do sports, music, or make movies. If an important figure in society takes a stand on social issues. They would tell them to shut up and dribble a basketball.

Ever since George Zimmerman got off with murder of Trayvon Martin. He has created a mug shot portfolio. He has been accused of domestic violence, aggravated assault, threatening to kill a motorist, and pointing a gun at his ex girlfriend father and they said Trayvon was thesuspicious one.

Also remember when black people tried to walk out for TrayvonMartin? It was looked down upon by all schools and we actually got in trouble for trying to shed light on gun reform but now since the Florida school shooting. America seems to have a little change of heart.

At least one thing stayed consistent over the years. The NRA still doesn’t care if kids get shot or not. The NRA did, defend George Zimmerman who killed Trayvon Martin. They called Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law a “fundamental human right.” They did not defend the human rights of Trayvon Martin. In 2018, they aren’t defending the lives of the 17 people who were gunned down for trying to get an education.

Trayvon Martin is a modern day prophet. As we continue to fight for justice for him, his legacy will never be forgotten. RIP TRAYVON MARTIN

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