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Big Sean “Allegedly” Cheats On Jhene Aiko with Nicole Scherzinger

Twitter is going crazy right now after the Big Sean cheating on Jhene Aiko allegations. This isn’t good for Big Sean because these allegations might affect his ticket sales during his tour. Also it will ruin his relationship with Jhene Aiko. According to the Jasmine Brand Big Sean and pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger were all cuddled up at an Oscar after party. The Jasmine Brand states, “They both attended an Oscar Awards after-party together and were cozied up together sitting at a table in VIP,” said the source. “They were all over each other and they looked really comfortable around each other. They looked like they were a couple.” The report claims that there were no cameras allowed inside the party, so perhaps they thought Jhene wouldn’t find out. Except someone apparently told her.

It seems like Jhene Aiko doesn’t f*ck with Big Sean after these allegations. Jhene recently unfollowed her boo Big Sean off of instagram. That’s when you know things are official. When a couple put their relationship on Facebook it’s official. When a couple unfollows each other off of Instagram it’s pretty much official lmao. Anyway if Big Sean did cheat on Jhene Aiko hopefully they can workout like Beyonce and Jay-Z did. Then again no other couple is Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Big Sean is still innocent until proven guilty in the court of Twitter. Here are some tweets that defend Big Sean.

They are correct though there isn’t any proof that Big Sean cheated on Jhene Aiko but then again there wouldn’t be pictures because no phones and cameras were allowed at this party.

I do wish the best for Jhene Aiko she’s beautiful person with a loving soul. Someone like her she never be cheated on but then again it happens.

You know what they say though sometimes you lose them how you got them.

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