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Did Selena Gomez Break The Weeknd Heart? Is The Weeknd Still In Love With Bella Hadid?

The Weeknd released his EP titled “My Dear Melancholy” last night. The EP was six songs long but there was so much to take away from it. The Weeknd was very vulnerable and sad on this album. It’s nothing like his xother projects. He talks about his relationship with Selena Gomez and-Bella Hadid.

The first song of his EP is called “Call Out My Name,” We all are convinced he’s talking about Selena Gomez. He jeremiads, “We found each other/I helped you out of a broken place/You gave me comfort/But falling for you was my mistake.” Before The Weeknd and Selena started dating. Selena was in rehab for 90 days to treat her physical and mental health. This isn’t the only reason why we think this song is about Selena.

In his second verse he mentions how he almost gave a kidney to her. The Weeknd says, “I said I didn’t feel nothing baby, but I lied/I almost cut a piece of myself for your life,” he warbles. Gomez ultimately needed a kidney transplant because of her lupus but she recieved one thanks to her best friend, actress Francia Raisa.

We also believe The Weeknd Is still in love with Bella Hadid. In his songs “Wasted Times” he brings up Bella Hadid. He sings “You were an equestrian, so ride it like a champion.” The 21-year-old supermodel used to ride competitively. In addition, he belts out, “Wasted times I spent with someone else. She wasn’t even half of you,” which could be interpreted as a shot at Gomez.

Hadid and The Weeknd first started dating in May 2015. After taking a brief break, the two made their red carpet debut as a couple in 2016. They broke up later that year.

After his break up with Selena Gomez he was caught by paparazzi leaving Bella apartment in New York city.

What do you guys think is next in The Weeknd chapter?

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