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Does Self-Proclaimed Playboy Trey Songz Have Violent Tendencies?

Oh na na, it seems that singer Trey Songz can’t be friends with his alleged victim of a violent attack during All-Star Weekend this past February. The victim was allegedly hit in the face by Songz and as of Tuesday, a temporary restraining order was granted to the young woman.
Coming to the aid of the woman is one of Hollywood’s hottest defense attorneys, Lisa Bloom. Bloom said in a statement that,
he punched her in the face with a closed fist, choked her, knocked her to the ground and threw away both of her phones so that she could not call for help, on February 17, 2018 in Hollywood.”
Yikes. If the statement is true, that would mean that Hollywood’s playboy is more of a bad boy. 33-year-old Songz’s (whose name is Tremaine Neverson) behavior has come under question in the past. Remember last year when actress Keke Palmer allegedly hid in a room because Trey (whom she assumed was her friend) had his team recording her against her will for a music video? Keke even accused Trey Songz of “sexual intimidation.”
In December of 2016, Songz pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors after his set was cut at one of his concerts, prompting the star to throw things and get belligerent – injuring a cop in the process. The star was put on probation for the incident.
It doesn’t end there, in 2017, Songz allegedly hit a fan outside of a Philly strip club causing her phone to slam into her face, breaking her glasses.

In the All-Star Weekend incident, Songz allegedly got upset when the unidentified woman was talking to another man and hit her.
This behavior seems very troubling mingled with his provocative songs that almost always objectify women. The question is: does Trey Songz have a problem with respecting women?
If anything, these incidents point to the true severity of fragile masculinity in the music industry.
Lisa Bloom also stated in regards to the most recent incident involving the star that people don’t need to be a bystander to “violence against women.”

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