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Fabolous and Emily B Court Docs Reveal A Messy Domestic Violence Situation

In official court documents, New York native Fabolous allegedly punched his long-time baby mother Emily B in the face seven times, causing her to lose two front teeth. The incident in question occurred earlier this month and on Wednesday around 8:30 pm, the rapper and fashion icon whose real name is John Jackson turned himself in to Englewood Police in New Jersey.
The situation gets even worse, in an affidavit, Jackson also allegedly told the victim that he wanted to hit her in the head with a baseball bat and that he would kill her. The victim (Emily B) says she told police that she had her father come to the home to remove handguns on the property, causing the rapper to threaten the lives of her father and brother.
This is horrible news for the couple. The two have a longterm off-and-on again relationship. Emily B, whose real name is Emily Bustamante was a stylist when the two began dating. The star made her debut on VH1 in 2011 on the network’s hit show “Love and Hip Hop,” bringing the extent of the couple’s rocky relationship dynamics to the limelight for the first time.
The two have been seeing each other since 2002 and they currently have two sons together.
Late Wednesday night after turning himself in, Fab (as the artist goes by) made a social media post about being heartbroken.
Those close to the star, like his attorney Alberto Ebanks claim that he is “incapable of engaging in the alleged conduct,” but things don’t look too good for the Brooklyn-born rapper with the release of these court documents.
In light of the alleged incident, singer Chris Brown is back in the limelight for pictures that surfaced in which the star appears to be choking a female. Since the release of the picture, both parties have gone on the record to say that they were both just playing around.
Brown has yet to live down the controversy of violently attacking his then-girlfriend pop music star Rihanna in 2009.
Whether real or a joke, domestic violence is a serious issue. We’re hoping for the best for Fabolous and Emily B.

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