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Is Sanaa Lathan the Nose-Biting Bandit that Bit Beyonce?

The streets are still talking about the infamous 4:44 tour after-party hosted by the Carter’s this past December. Hollywood’s favorite blabber-mouth Tiffany Haddish revealed earlier this week that Queen Bey, Beyonce Knowles-Carter was bitten by a wasted actress at the party.
Speculations about the party surfaced when comedienne Tiffany Haddish dropped a rare selfie with Beyonce from the party and an animated story about how she landed the picture.

Earlier this year, Tiffany claimed that she was ready to fight someone at the party when Queen Bey talked her out of it. As of recently, Tiffany’s story has changed and she alleges that an actress (apparently on drugs) was engaging in some flirty behavior with Jay-Z then bit Beyonce’s nose.

Whether or not the bite was a love bite or one filled with aggression, it’s still nasty and how dare the actress? You don’t put your mouth on the Queen!
Tiffany alleges that the incident made the night awkward and that she began to want to confront the actress but Beyonce told her not to and told her to have fun.
In a weird turn of events, TMZ is reporting that according to Tiffany’s team, the nose-biting actress was Hollywood veteran, Sanaa Lathan.
Fans are also speculating that the actress that bit Beyonce could potentially be Sara Foster. Foster responded to the rumors with an Instagram post insinuating that she couldn’t get close to Beyonce.

What are your thoughts? Is this just another run of the rumor mill or could Sanaa really be mystery biter?

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