Is Selena Gomez A HYPOCRITE?

Selena Gomez left a heartfelt message on Instagram after march for our lives. She has really supported this movement. Selena wants to protect kids and not guns. We all should feel like that way. They should raise the minimum age to purchase a gun to 21. I respect everybody who’s supporting this movement but we can’t let Selena off the hook.

Do y’all remember when a twitter user asked Gomez why she chose to be silent on police brutality and #BlackLivesMatter, she responded hastily by referring to the movement as just a hashtag that takes a side. The tweet is now deleted, but here is a screenshot:

Black Lives Matter isn’t just a hashtag, this is one of the most ignorant statements of all time. Earlier this week there was a 23 year old black man named Stephon Clark who was gunned down by the police. The officer fired over 20 rounds at the young man. The officers said he thought Stephon had a firearm on him but he only had a phone. The officer got paid administrative leave. So they are pretty much allowing police officers to take a vacation for killing black people. This is exactly why we say Black Lives Matter.

Twitter also reminded Selena how big of a hypocrite she is as well.

Here are some tweets

It would be nice to see all these people protest when an African American man or woman gets gunned down by the police.

Comment if you think Selena Gomez is a hypocrite or comment to tell me how wrong I am.

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