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Trey Songz Accuser Speaks About The Beating At The Bloom Firm

Andrea Buera the woman who accused Trey Songz of beating her at an after party on February 17, 2018.

She said she was attending an after party when Trey started to yell at her, choking her, punching her, and ultimately knocked her on the ground.

Buera said people just stood and watched him beat her she also mentions he threw her phone over the cliff.

Buera went to hospital that night when the doctors told her she had a concussion. After she left the hospital she was throwing up from migraines. If you watch the video you can see the bruises on her face and body.

She’s been having flashbacks as of late.

The most difficult part about this experience for her was explaining these injuries to her 7 year old daughter.

Lisa Bloom also made a statement on how proud she is to represent Andrea Buera. Lisa Bloom believes Trey Songz should be arrested for this imcident. She also said Trey Songz is on probation and this is a probation violation.

She brings up Trey Songz past with assualting women. She talks about how three months ago, a woman in Philadelphia sued Trey Songz for attacking her outside the strip club. Also six months ago he pleaded guilty to aggravated assault in Michigan for punching a police officer.

In 2014, Trey was accused twice for verbally attacking women, grabbing, and breaking their phones as well. Also in 2012, he was arrested in Queens for assaulting a woman. He was also arrested in 2017 for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct with police officers at one of his concerts.

Lisa Bloom also said violence against women must stop. The high price lawyers need to stop representing these celebrities to get them off the hook so they can keep assaulting people over and over again. Lisa also thinks they need to stop sending investigators to dig up dirt on her client.

Last week Lisa Bloom and Andrea Buera went to court to obtain an restraining order against Trey. The hearing for the permanent injunction is on March 27th.

Lisa also wants any witnesses of the incident to come forward and say something. She also wants victims of Trey Songz to contact her so they can put an end to this.

You can contact Lisa Bloom at TheBloomFirm.com for information on this incident.

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