Video Of A Songwriter Rapping Exact Lyrics To Cardi B’s New Song “Be Careful” Has Surfaced

Cardi B is under fire right now. She’s being accused of having ghost writers. That’s a problem in the hip hop world because real MC’s write their own rap. A video has surfaced of a song writer named Jordan Thorpe rapping the same exact lyrics on the same beat of “Be Careful” 4 years ago.

Jordan is credited as a writer on the song. So she didn’t steal anything from him usually when people steal in music they give the artist no credit. I honestly don’t think it’s a big deal because she’s not out here saying she’s the best rapper. Jordan Thorpe was also credited on her Grammy nominee song “Bodak Yellow.”

The song is still doing serious numbers on the charts. It’s currently the number one single on iTunes.

Do y’all think this is a Big Deal?

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