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What Really Happened the Night of Beyonce and Tiffany Haddish’s Infamous ‘Ussie?’

We’ve all heard of the party in which our girl Tiffany Haddish took her infamous selfie with Beyonce. The picture sparked a lot of controversy when funny lady Tiffany disclosed that an incident popped off in which Tiffany told Queen Bey that she was going to fight someone at the party.

In typical Beyonce fashion, Bey stayed gracious (best revenge is your paper!) and told Tiffany to not worry about the issues going on at the party.

Tiffany allegedly promised to keep her cool as long as Beyonce agreed to snap a picture with the comedienne. The picture happened and the rest is history. That is until recently.
Tiffany has once again spilled the tea in regards to the night of the party.

Allegedly, an actress bit Beyonce on her face and caused a heated showdown. Tiffany alleges that the actress in question and Beyonce had some awkward moments throughout the party, upsetting Tiffany and that’s when she told Bey that she would put the paws on the actress for her.
Tiffany also revealed that Beyonce told her to chill because the mysterious actress that attacked her was not drunk but on drugs.
Initially, when Tiffany first spoke of the incident in January, she claimed that she was the one that wanted to fight someone at the party and Beyonce talked her out of it. Now the tables have turned and it appears that it was Beyonce that was ready to throw them bows!
In any degree, the night in question has us all curious about what really went down and who the alleged actress is that bit Beyonce.
Recently, the Queen Bey and her hubby veteran rapper and mogul Jay-Z were featured on a DJ Khaled track “Top Off” with rapper Future in which Beyonce stated in her verse that anyone that wants to party with the Queen has to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

The verse caused a lot of people on social media to assume that Beyonce was referring to the Tiffany Haddish incident. In response, Tiffany promised that she’d keep her mouth closed the next time she got a chance to kick it with Bey, but Tiffany isn’t being true to her word.

Tiffany’s latest revelation is a shocker to everyone. Beyonce’s team hasn’t made any statements regarding the alleged attack. What do you think happened at the party? Who do you think the actress in question is? Let us know in the comments below.

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