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Zendaya Giving Back To The Kids In Oakland.

Zendaya took 200 kids from Roses In Concrete Community School and Fruitvale Elementary School to see A Wrinkle In Time.

The Disney star partnered up with Google. Where she was able to speak to the kids of Roses In Concrete Community School also take them out on a movie date. She also got to watch a group of young ladies perform Alvin Ailey’s Revelations.

This is really impactful because a lot of kids look up to Zendaya and for her to visit them and hangout with is a experience these kids will never forget.

She’s has been doing a lot for her city of Oakland at a young age. Zendaya is a megastar who uses her platform to touch on social justice issues and education. She’s been very vocal in the past about both topics.

Zendaya, your generosity explodes from such a beautiful and compassionate place in your heart. I am so proud and thankful for your contributions to society.

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