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Is Beyonce The Greatest Performer To Have Ever Lived?

After, last night it would be hard to argue against that. Queen BEY with the return of a lifetime after having twins. She was supposed to headline it last year but she was 7 months pregnant at the time. Beyonce displayed excellence at her Coachella performance.

She also made history by becoming the first black women to headline Coachella in it’s 15 year history. The concert wasn’t even a concert it felt like a movie. It was surreal, like after the concert was over I felt hella proud being black. She empowered the culture last night. Everybody should feel inspired by her performance.
Beyoncé gave us an #HBCU halftime show, step show , probate, school daze , and the Black National Anthem. She turned the whitest festival in the world to a black excellence festival real quick.

She brought out some very special guest at Coachella.

The Carters:


Destiny Child’s:

I saw somebody made a post saying she’s the greatest performer of all time. I agreed with them at first until I went to sleep. I had a dream and Michael Jackson just looked disappointed in me and he said how quickly they forget. I woked up and realized I might just be living in the moment.


Watch the FULL PERFORMANCE below:

Either way they are both the greatest of their generations. BEYONCE is the QUEEN of planet earth and MICHAEL is the King of planet earth.

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