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Rob Kardashian To Take Blac Chyna To Court Over Custody Of Their Child Over The Easter Day Brawl

If you use social media you would have saw video of Rob Kardashian ex-fiancee Blac Chyna attempt to turn their 1-year-old daughter’s stroller into a weapon to attack a woman at Six Flags over the weekend.

Reportedly “livid” and concerned about Dream’s health and safety, Kardashian has directed his attorneys to file legal documents to take Chyna back to family court to modify the custody agreement they have in place, TMZ said.

Kardashian hopes to get a judge to lay down rules for Chyna on “what she can and cannot do when the child is present,” including if and how she can introduce new boyfriends into their daughter’s life, TMZ said.

Sources close to Kardashian told TMZ he has been watching Chyna’s antics “in horror” for months, but “the last straw” was seeing video of her trying to weaponize a pink car-like stroller to fight with a woman who admitted to touching Dream at the theme park on Easter Sunday.

Dream was not in the stroller at the time Chyna was seen on video, grabbing the buggy by the handle and trying to swing it in the other park-goer’s direction.

Kardashian’s famous family are likewise concerned about Dream’s well-being with a source close to the family telling E! News:“(The Kardashians) are just glad Dream was not in the stroller and was safe. It’s concerning that Chyna behaves this way with Dream around, but this is typical Chyna behavior. It’s a shame that she can lose control of herself and rage so easily. The family hopes that she will be better for Dream and will learn from this.”

As reported earlier, Chyna, 29, was at Six Flags Easter Sunday with Dream, her 5-year-old son King Cairo and an entourage that included a nanny and her 18-year-old rapper boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay.

Video shows Chyna throwing off her coat and trying to swing the stroller at another park-goer. Multiple people, including YBN Almighty Jay and a man who appeared to be Chyna’s bodyguard, had to restrain her, according to the video, which was posted on Whereisthebuzzz Instagram account.

A woman claiming to be the intended target of Chyna’s anger tweeted later Sunday that the fight broke out after she started admiring Dream and rubbed the little girl’s hand, the Daily Mail reported. The woman, whose tweets have since been protected, said she didn’t know the little girl was Dream Kardashian when she touched the girl.

But a source close to the situation told TMZ that the woman who touched Dream began shouting at Chyna shortly afterward, calling her a “hood rat” and other derogatory terms. The woman began moving closer to Chyna, which prompted Chyna’s crew to step in. Someone may have thrown a punch, and that’s when Chyna began swinging. Fortunately, the nanny whisked Dream and King Cairo away when the melee broke out.

While Chyna took to social media later Sunday to claim she’s “not a violent person” and that she was just trying to protect her kids, Rob Kardashian doesn’t see things the same way.

That’s why he has directed his lawyers to demand a family court hearing at which they hope a judge will set clear rules for her behavior in Dream’s presence, TMZ reported.

At the end of day we are glad to see that Dream is safe.

Do y’all think Blac Chyna or Rob Kardashian should have custody over Dream?

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