Strategy and Dolo discuss online comedy, going viral, and more




DJ Strategy and DJ Dolo are taking the online comedy world by storm. Their comedy show, The Strategy, and Dolo Show features both musicians discussing everyday topics, creating short video clips, and acting out classic mainstream entertainment scenes all in the form of comedy. Philanthropy is another aspect of the show as they host their Telethon Tuesday on Facebook Live. The money raised on FB Live goes to the Boys and Girls Club of America and Prostate Cancer.

How did you both get your start in comedy?

We used to go out and party a lot. During the next day, we would be talking about the annoying things that happened to us. We started to make Snapchat videos about those topics and make fun of those people or situations. We got an overwhelmingly good response from people on those videos, telling us we should take it further. So, we began our weekly show on Facebook Live, The Strategy, and Dolo Show.

How do you guys come up with the comedic material that you present on social media?

Most of our material comes from our experiences in the club, social interactions, and interactions with women.

Has there ever been a point where you guys may have gone too far with a sketch or a joke?

I don’t know if we’ve ever taken a joke too far. There are certain subjects that we decide not to speak on because we don’t even want those problems.


Explain the concept of “going viral?”

Going viral is what happens with your content when somebody sees it and they must react to it. They think it’s so funny, that they must share it, or if they think it’s relatable to a situation, they must tag a friend in it. That’s constantly happening with every view and your content is not spreading all over social media very quickly.

Talk about Telethon Tuesday where you guys both raise money for the Boys and Girls club and prostate cancer?

Telethon Tuesdays is a concept we’re trying to use. The viewer is the promoter in exchange for a donation to charity. Instead of paying Facebook to “promote,” our video we are giving our money to charities, in hopes that people will share our video for the 1 share = $1 donation concept.

Where do you both see the brand of online comedy going in the future?

Social media is taking over the world and most people get all their entertainment from their cell phones (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) rather than the TV these days. Online comedy is taking the role as the first place for people to find their favorite comedians.

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