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The Obamas Sign a Major Production Deal with Netflix

The world has been listening to our ‘Bring Back Barack’ cries! Former President and First-Lady Barack and Michelle Obama have signed a major production deal with everyone’s favorite streaming service, Netflix. The deal (multi-year,) offers viewers the chance to enjoy the former POTUS and FLOTUS on-and-off camera talents.

According to sources, the Obamas will not only star in content, but they will also produce a diverse number of docu-series, scripted and unscripted series, and more. The duo couldn’t have a better platform to be able to share in their wealth of knowledge, good deeds, and fun, yet earnest personalities.

The two seem to be enjoying post-presidential life, they are continually photographed during vacations, outings, and special events with their glamorous friends like Oprah Winfrey. The former First Family is living the dream! Sasha and Malia Obama also seem to be enjoying their respective lives Sasha was recently seen backstage with rappers Offset and Cardi B at the Broccoli City Festival in D.C. and Malia is well into her first year at Harvard.

We can only speculate on what type of content this Netflix deal will produce. The couple has allegedly named their production company “Higher Ground Productions.” If we’ve learned anything about the Obamas following their eight-year stint as world leaders, we know that they are ‘people’ people. There will probably be amazing interviews with some interesting folks, documentaries on the inner-city, rural and other disenfranchised populations, documentaries on human rights, educational series about health and nutrition (a staple for Mrs. Obama,) and a few series on strengthening families. Eh, it’s a wild guess. *Shrugs.* The timeline on when viewers can be expecting to see the projects hasn’t been released yet.

In any event, this deal is unlike anything known to digital entertainment and to history. Barack Obama will be the first former president to have a major production deal with a major company like Netflix. We’re rooting for the Obamas and we can’t wait to see what they’ve been working on!

What are your thoughts on their new deal?


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