Murder Case

5 suspects are allegedly in custody for the murder of Lesandro Guzman-Feliz

Police are responding instantly to the tragic viral story of #LesandroGuzmanFeliz, a bronx teen who was fatally stabbed by 6 men, all but one caught on surveillance video.

Mary Murphy (@MurphyPIX) Tweeted:
#BREAKING: Update….A total of 5 suspects believed to be in custody now for mistaken identity, machete attack on 15 year old Bronx teen. One suspect fled to #DominicanRepublic. He was picked up last night; so was 1 more. 3 suspects now seized in Paterson, NJ.

According to @Pix11, Paterson police received a tip around 2 P.M. today that helped them capture at least two of the suspects connected to the attack! Law enforcement sources have also confirmed the murder was a case of mistaken identity.

Buzz fans, 5 out of 6 men involved are in custody but there are still 1 at large. If you know of any information please contact the authorities.

Allegedly these our the suspects that have been caught.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@HollywoodUnlocked

There is one more suspect be with a machete that had his face cover.

Video Courtesy of Bodega security cameras

If you know anything please reach out to authorities. You’re not a snitch if you let authorities know. A young boy with boy with promise was killed for no reason. If you don’t want to inform authorities then inform us and we will keep your identity safe.

Video Courtesy of Snapchat

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