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Luz Gonzales, 4 Year Old Girl Killed in a Hit and Run

Luz Gonzales, 4 year old girl was hit by a 2018 Nissan Rogue outside the Clean City Laundry Center parking lot, by a driver who sped away after the crash and told police she didn’t realize what had happened, according to police and reports Brooklyn Paper. Luz Gonzales was aboard her scooter at when she and her mother were passing the sidewalk near the business. The driver backed out onto the pedestrian walkway, hitting both the mom and daughter. The car noticeably bounces as she runs over the child.

Unfortunately cops, who caught up with the motorist about a block away from the deadly hit-and-run, likely will not arrest her, a spokesman said. “There are no arrests, there likely will not be, because there’s no evidence or probable cause to arrest her,” Police Department spokesman Sergeant Jones said on Monday afternoon. “No one is in custody.”

A separate Police Department spokeswoman explained the driver smashed into the mom and daughter because she could not see them. “The female was tieing the 4-year-old’s shoes. At that same instance, the driver was pulling out of the parking area and didn’t see them — they were both bending down so it was like a blind spot.”

This is another tragedy in New York back to back weeks. Luz’ parents are upset, stating the accident could’ve been avoided had there been speed cameras. We have the video of the incident on the next page. However it may be graphic for some.

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