UPDATE: JAY-Z & Beyonce On The Run 2 Tour

Beyonce and Jay-Z have grossed a total of 52 million so far from nine sold-out stadium shows. On The Run 2 still has 38 tour stops. Including a stop in Poland on June 30th. When the tour was first announced they were expected to make 200 million. The couple our now expected to make anywhere from 225 to 250 million off this tour. I guess JAY-Z wasn’t lying when he said it’s disturbing what I gross.

The Carters dropped an surprise album on June 16th called “Everything Is Lovepretty much reminding everyone that they are the king and queen. They also gave us a visual about how nobody else is on their level. The Carters dropped a music video for their song Apesh*t. The music video was shot in the most famous museum on the planet, The Lovre.

The Carters new album didn’t debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 200 but it might have increased tickets sales for their tour.

Some Highlights from the On The Run 2 Tour:


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