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NFL player Lesean McCoy allegedly beat up His girlfriend Delicia Cordon

Delicia Cordon best friend posted a picture on Instagram this morning accusing Buffalo Bills running back, Lesean McCoy of abusing her best friend.

This isn’t the first time LeSean McCoy has been accused of being abusive. LeSean has been accused of beating his son and his dog before as well.

Shady has been dating IG Model Delicia Cordon for a couple years now, In 2016, she took to social media and put him on blast after she caught him with an escort. She also blamed the situation on him having a small penis.

LeSean McCoy is denying these allegations towards him. He said he hasn’t been in contact with Delicia Cordon in months.

Dispatch Audio from the night Delicia Cordon was abused.

We will be praying for Delicia Cordon speedy recovery.

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