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Bad Bunny Recruits Drake For Another Smash Hit “MIA”

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/@RAPUP

Drake and Bad Bunny very high anticipated collab has finally arrived. The two stars were spotted in a studio earlier this year.

The other day, Drake posed for a photo on Instagram from what looked like a new video and we now have answers. It was all for his guest feature on Bad Bunny’s “MIA,” which just released a few minutes ago. Bad Bunny has been rising in the global hip-hop ranks. While he once was only recognized in Spanish-speaking countries, the name is becoming bigger by the day. He’s even got Drake singing an entire guest spot in Spanish.

Drake singing in Spanish sounds pretty good. By far his best version of singing in 2018. He vocals mix great with Bad Bunny verses. Drake might have found a new lane in music if decides to use it in the future.

Check Out The Video:

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