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Is Lonzo Ball a DeadBeat Dad?

Photo Courtesy of Twitter/@BSO

Lonzo Ball and his long time girlfriend, Denise Garcia had given birth to their daughter back in July. It seems like Lonzo might be the opposite of his father. His father Lavar Ball is often criticized for being the dad that’s there too much. Welp it looks the apple fell very far from the tree. Denise Garcia has been insinuating that Lonzo Ball is deadbeat through Instagram.

First, during a recent IG Live, someone wrote “blink if Lonzo is a deadbeat dad.” She read the comment out loud, laughed about it, and then proceeded to purposely blink really hard for the person, while she & her friend laughed. Now its possible they could’ve been just playing around, but why though?

In addition to that, Denise also made comments and references to not seeing Lonzo much either. In another IG Live, she said she know her friend’s favorite song, “Let It Go,” because she “actually comes to see her twice a week,” while winking at the camera and alluding that Lonzo doesn’t. Again it’s possible the internet is trying to reach for clues & storyline here, but all signs & footage seems to point that things aren’t good right now between the two.

Last, Lonzo little brother Liangelo Ball ex girlfriend, Izzy Morris commented on Lonzo Instagram tagging Denise saying “Good thing you sent him those pics” which implies he’s a deadbeat dad.

Denise Garcia is allegedly going for Lonzo Ball pockets by asking for 30K a month for child support. Ball family might be having serious issues on their hands.

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