Where is the Buzz is a social media publication founded by 21 year old Entertainment and Marketing Entrepreneur Wayne Donovan Ayers II.
The publication is a go to for fan news as is focuses on breaking news from Entertainers and Politics to Human Interest stories. It’s designed to target millennials and is rapidly growing. It pulled in over 3,000 organic followers in just it’s first month of being active. The media publication has already reached over 500,000 people in just their short time. WhereistheBuzz has over 1 million views on all of our social media pages combined in just one month.

Ayers credits his abilities to deliver creditable and accurate news in a competitive time to his experiences working major red carpets and his personal relationships with celebrities.

WhereistheBuzzz also likes covering stories that get 30 seconds on the news or one post on an online media publication. It’s important for us to cover stories like that because it turns out to be really important to society but major publications like to dismiss it because investors or ownership have a huge impact in that. Unlike other publications we don’t have that problem because the people that are truly in power of our company is the people.

We are here to provide the truth and give out real content. Where is the Buzz is fearless, we aren’t afraid to expose the truth on subjects, we just tell it how it is. So if you need to Find the Buzz in culture, politics, or society just check out WhereistheBuzzz.